Ordering made easy: The Commerce Connector makes it possible

You will find a link to the Commerce Connector in the product overview on this website. You can buy online the product you desire quite easily and conveniently by using this. For the Commerce Connector leads you directly to the dealers who sell the corresponding product.


To the products

Our partners in E-Commerce simply order from their dealers:

You can quite easily and quickly order products from hünersdorff from one of the webshops listed below (hünersdorff is not responsible for the contents of these pages). And if you should not find the desired product, simply contact us directly.

  • Mercateo Webshop

    You can search selectively for your hünersdorff products under mercateo.com. Companies, public institutes, businessmen and self-employed persons an order here.

  • Wachter Webshop

    As an alternative, business and private customers can order our products online from Wachter.