Electronic invoice

  • Digitally signed invoices

    We would be pleased to send you invoices in electronic form and digitally signed. We come a step closer to the paperless office with the signed invoice and can clearly improve the flow of invoices. The recognition of the inland revenue authorities is assured by the qualified signed invoice.

    Demo invoice

    You are already recipient

    You have received your invoice as .pdf file, together with an electronic signature which is contained in the PDF. You can save your hünersdorff invoices simply and unproblematically locally on your hard drive. You do not have to print out the invoice, only the signed invoice file is relevant for the inland revenue authorities

    Important: Naturally you should also make regular backups of invoice data, like all your data.

    The PDF invoice with the electronic signature can be verified via the portal


    or with signature verification software provided for download free of charge by the SecCommerce company. Should your invoice have been changed since the despatch, this will be indicated clearly to you. Please contact our IT service in this case.

    A prerequisite for the verification of an invoice is that you do not archive the data as print-out but save them electronically and do not change the .pdf file. Before you process the invoice further, for example to claim a prior tax deduction, you are legally obliged to perform the signature verification yourself. You can submit the .pdf file and signature verification file to the inland revenue authorities if required.