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The hünersdorff product catalogue

All products at a glance: you can find the complete hünersdorff product range in the current product catalogue.


Download the catalogue (PDF, 12.9 MB)

Flip catalogue (external link)

TÜV-tested production

hünersdorff fuel cans are manufactured according to the ADR specifications governing packaging for the transportation of dangerous goods. As per these regulations, our manufacturing is regularly monitored by TÜV SÜD. This ensures the high quality standard of our products.


Download (JPG, 3 mB)

General Conditions of Business

You obtain our General Conditions of Business here.


Download terms & conditions (PDF, 148 KB)

100% Ökostrom

Seit 2019 bezieht hünersdorff ausschließlich Ökostrom.


Zum Zertifikat (PDF, 675kB)

KLIMAFIT – hünersdorff macht Klimaschutz

hünersdorff hat im Jahr 2021/2022 an dem vom Land Baden-Würtemberg geförderten Projekt mit Erfolg teilgenommen.


Zum Zertifikat (PDF, 639kB)


hünersdorff nimmt aktiv am GLS KlimaProtect-Programm teil.



Zum Zertifikat (PDF, 108KB)




IK Logo

IK certification "Zero Pellet Loss"

hünersdorff GmbH participates in the IK initiative "Zero Pellet Loss" to protect the environment from pollution with plastics.

The certificate (PDF, 513KB)

GHS regulation

Information about the GHS regulation

Here we offer information about the GHS regulation and the new hazard pictograms and also you can preview the new labels.

Download the GHS Infosheet (PDF, 395KB)

The labels (PDF, 680KB)

iso 8317 certification

ISO 8317 Child Resistant Closure

Our 60mm child resistant jerrycan closures are certified according to ISO 8317.

Download the certificate (PDF, 236 KB)

US Certificate (PDF, 236 KB)


Federal Office for Material Research and Testing: D/BAM 2433

Auditing in accordance with the hazardous goods rules of the Federal Office for Materials Research and Testing, BAM-GGR 001. Recognition of the quality assurance programme (QSP) for the manufacture of packaging for transporting hazardous goods. Inspection carried out twice annually by TÜV-Süd. Download the certificate (PDF, 1 MB)



Quality management system for plastics processing, manufacture and sales of injection moulded and extrusion blown parts

Download the certificate (PDF, 268 kB)

DIN EN ISO 14001

Environmental management system for plastics processing, development, construction, manufacture and sales of injection moulded and extrusion blown parts

Download the certificate (PDF, 122 kB)


DIN EN ISO 50001

Energy management system for plastics processing, development, construction, manufacture and sales of injection moulded and extrusion blown parts.

Download the certificate (PDF, 116 kB)

Confirmation of participation in IK-Energieeffizienznetzwerk

Confirmation of participation in IK-Energieeffizienznetzwerk (Energy Efficiency Network of the German Association for Plastics Packagings and Films)

hünersdorff participates in the German government's common initiative alongside German business groups and organisations. Led by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, the initiative is committed to cutting greenhouse gas emmissions by 5 million tonnes through its networking.

Download the certificate (PDF, 268 kB)

GKV Code of Conduct

With this Code of Conduct from the GKV (German Association of Plastics Converters), hünersdorff GmbH receives formal recognition for its social responsibility in the context of its business activity.



Download the certificate and code of conduct here (PDF, 106 KB)

Resistance to chemicals of plastics

You can gain an overview of the resistance to chemicals of plastics here. The tables “Resistance to chemicals of plastics”, “Plastics and their properties” and “Viscosity of fluids”, as well as information on the resistance to chemicals were listed in the relevant product descriptions on the basis of information from different raw material manufacturers.


Download resistance to chemicals (PDF, 293 kB)

Source reference

Die hünersdorff Verkauf- und Versandverpackungen sind gem. VerpackungsG registriert und können mit dem Recyclingsystem Grüner Punkt entsorgt werden.

Mehr Informationen zu Grüner Punkt

Das Umweltzertifikat Grüner Punkt bestätigt die Einsparung in diversen Wirkungskategorien


The logo of hünersdorff

If you need the hünersdorff logo for the production of your own printed matter, you can simply download it here in different formats.


The logo, optional (PNG, 300dpi, 21KB)

The logo, black & white (JPG, 200dpi, 93KB)

The logo, as vector graphic (EPS, 276KB)


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BMEcat 1.2 file

You can always obtain the latest catalogue file in the BMEcat format Version 1.2 here.

Please contact our IT Service.

Registration as per § 9 German Packaging Act (VerpackG)

According to European law, the manufacturer of a product is also responsible for the packaging of that product in terms of avoidance, reuse and recycling. In Germany this is implemented through the Packaging Act (VerpackG). The national authority (Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister) is responsible in this respect for registering and thus publishing product managers and ensuring transparency and legal clarity by way of other activities (e.g. notifications). The Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister also oversees other environmental objectives, such as meeting recycling quotas and subsidising more sustainable packaging. You can download our registration by clicking on the following link:


Download registration